Strategic and Business Plan




To become the most attractive junior football club in the District for players and their families, known for a focus on player development, community, and high quality resources.



Player Development

Our players have opportunities to learn from current football players and leaders

Our players benefit from positive and constructive behaviours by officials and supporters

Membership & Social

We maintain membership year-on-year on the basis of our Club’s reputation

We have a great family atmosphere that encourages player and parent involvement in the Club


Our players are respected for their conduct, competitiveness, and playing skills

Our coaches are highly respected for developing both the playing skills and character of their teams

Our players are appropriately encouraged and supported to continue playing football at senior level



We ensure high quality coaching through our selection processes, and support for coach accreditation and development

We provide well-maintained team kit, grounds, and player resources

We improve the Club environment by way of a long-term facility development plan agreed with other stakeholders

Administration & Financial

Our administrative systems are robust, efficient and user-friendly, and we maintain sound financial and operational records




Output By Date
Design and implement processes for selecting and communicating with coaches, developing coaching skills, and maintaining appropriate behaviours Coord Coaches Apr 18
Decide on scoreboard purchase and installation in conjunction with senior club Coord Equip Apr 18
Implement the Year 8 to 12 retention and development strategy so that the Club is represented in senior years, and players prepared for senior football President Aug 18
Develop and implement an approach for sourcing and distribution of player uniforms and merchandising, including a review of what the Club provides Coord Merch Dec 17
Improve Club ethos, focusing on social and sporting events, ties between teams and Club, and promotion of parent input President Aug 18



Key Performance Indicators Target
Coach compliance – qualifications, Working with Children (mid-season) 100%
Player competence v. skills curriculum (coach assessment, end-season) 80%
Teams fielded  
WCJFC represented in Year 3-10 competitions All years
Profit and loss (before investment in fixed assets) Surplus
Financial reserve $60,000
Retention of modified rules and junior players from year to year 90%
Recruitment of Auskick numbers from year to year (v. previous year) 100%


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